*Breaks it down, so to speak*

First part: Melody, and playing still, are good. I didn't like your harmonies though, they sounded a little... wrong. Maybe it's just me. Backing needed to be a little louder, but that's just personal preference, don't take it to heart.

0:48 - Nice little riff. Guitar sounds nice. Like it. Simplistic, but it works.

1:20 - Another nice riff here, this one took me by surprise.

1:53 - This seems a little out of place. Just my opinion.

2:00 - So-so. The whole sliding powerchords thing is a little overdone, but it works.

2:36 - Not bad. Solo seemed a little... out. This may just be the fault of my ears.

2:50 onwards - Basically, what I've already said. Melody is good, harmonies are maybe a bit off.

On the whole, it was good. Just a few little things. Deserves a 7/10, I reckon. Good stuff.
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