Gonna be buying one
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your school forced you to buy a macbook, thats harsh

was it entirely your money?

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I herd the new macs have this thing called "Boot camp" that allows you to boot it up in windows XP mode or something
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Macs are sort of the ****.
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what kinda school is that? did u have to pay it all by yourself?
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I have the slightly more memory holding version of that one right now. In fact I'm using it right now.

Well you can expect good quality, reliable, and ease-of-use. Are you going to an art school or something? I know this comp is good with "creative stuff", I use garage band all the time to record basic stuff (but can go farther if I want).
You can dual boot.

I have a mac, I like it quite a bit, but I'm not a fanboy. And yes, fanboys will be telling you that it can do your dishes for you. So be prepared for biassed opinions.
If your school made you buy a MacBook and it was entirely your money, you must be attending a rich-kid school.

Oh, and MS can pretty much can do anything Mac can do. Steve Jobs is just brainwashing people into thinking that Macs can bring back the dead, find your lost dog, and go back in time so that 9/11 never happened.
it's probably a private school or tech school. i visited a video tech school and they had some decked out classrooms. every classroom was filled with brand new macs and green screens with huge tvs and ****.

amazing stuff
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I'm planning on my buying this same macbook, except with the upgraded ram...hooray for 15% off since my buddy works at the apple store...not to mention education discount and free ipod rebate!
you wont be able to game on a mac and thats about the only thing that windows can do over mac. They're a lot more expensive though and it is possible to run OSX on a non apple machine if you have the right spec. Theres a link with a list of compatible components but I can remember where. I just know that an intel processor, nvidia graphics and an nvidia or intel chipset should be compatible.
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My school gave my sister a free MacBook. So I sorta have one.

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I've got a MacBook Pro, and honestly one morning I woke up to see it covered in oil. Wondering what the hell was going on, I looked out the window and saw that my Fiat Punto had been hotrodded to the spec of a Ferrari.

No joke.

But yeah, there isn't a lot that you can't do on a Mac. You can download programs to play WMVs, AVIs etc; you can dual boot Windows; but I've just been sticking with OS X, because you can do pretty much anything with it that XP or Vista can do.
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you wont be able to game on a mac

That statement is entirely false.
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Alright so I understand that most games require windows.
(Counter-Strike, Quake 2)
Is there any way to get around this?
I'll be wanting to play these during study hall.
You can still run windows. Certain games are made for Macs.

However, the Macbook has integrated graphics, and therefore isn't suited for most games.
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IMO, a MacBook would be a great second PC or as a living room item. I like them, but I'd never own one without having a Windows PC first.

Yes, I know you can dual boot, but with the limited space (comparitively) I wouldn't bother.