i'm not really sure, i mean, PRO is made in Japan, so it won't be bad, but i think they're all bolt on neck with the exception of one or two models, while most USA jackson's are neck-through . A better place to ask would be a jackson/charvel forum or somewhere like that
Some of the higher end pro-models are neck-through, such as the RR5, RR5FR, RR24, and whatnot. Also, the USA ones have a quartersawn maple neck whereas most of the pro-models have a scarf joint. The USA's are the best that Jackson has to offer, but the pro-models are very well made too.
Do you really mean "Pro", or are you shortening "Professional"? I'm asking because it makes a big difference. The Pro series are a lower quality, made in Korea I believe, Jackson series. They were usually cheaper, and none of them had high quality specs like being Neck-Thru, Binding, Ebony fretboards, etc. The "Professional" series were on par with the USA models. These were made in Japan, but had all the same specs as the USA models. Besides saying Professional on the headstock, an easy way to spot some of them is by their finishes. The black ones were not jet black, the finish had some faint sparkles in them, which you can see if you look close.

The Professionals were also alot cheaper than the USA made ones, making them an amazing value. Jackson stopped making them because they were outselling the USA made, more expensive models.

The "Pro" series says the model name and pro on the truss rod cover. The later "professional" series also said pro on the truss rod cover too, which makes it confusing. Try to tell them apart by their specs : If it is neck-thru, has an ebony fretboard, has binding, and real MOP then it is a genuine Professional (if it says Jackson Professional on the headstock too, obviously). If it's got lower quality specs : rosewood fretboard, bolt on neck, etc, then it is prabobly a pro. The only other difference in the Professional and USA models were that the Professionals usually had a Jackson JT590 tremelo, made by Schaller (slightly not as good as an OFR, but made in the same factory as them in Germany), and the USA models had an Original Floyd Rose tremelo. The Pros were made with a lower quality Jackson tremelo.

Sorry if thats too confusing, but the whole "Professional" and "Pro" thing is a confusing subject, and I did my best to explain.
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I Wanna know what you meant
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