Im Planning on buying a Epiphone Les Paul Custom/Plus and Im wondering what are good pickups to use with it.Im looking for Classic Rock tone to bring out sounds from Led Zeppelin,Guns N roses,Pink FLoyd Thos stuff.ANy Pickups you want to recomend and its advantages disadvatages?Im gonna be using it through a VOX AD15VT
Edit Again:Well i want a pickup that can be pretty versatile for me to switch from Led Zeppelin To Guns n Roses To Queen something like that.
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what's your amp and budget?
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The stocks will be fine, you don't need new pickups
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But, generally for classic rock - some nice PAF clones

Dimarzio do one (its called something to do with a PAF, i cant think what) as do SD ('59 i think). Or check out Bareknuckle Pickups Mules (supposed to be amazing - but expensive), or www.rockmonkeyguitars.com have a PAF pickup and are supposed to be nice.
In that case, new amp > new pickups, the vox isn't bad, but new pickups will make little difference on it, a new amp would be much better for you
Stock will be enough, maybe get a pod to model your sound as well?
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Ive been looking at Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 Pro is it a good choice?
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In that case, new amp > new pickups, the vox isn't bad, but new pickups will make little difference on it, a new amp would be much better for you

What amp would you suggest if so?
I agree adzl

A new amp will have the sound your looking for... new pickups will only make a slight difference... but pickups should be done after you get the sound you want from your amp
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definitely Schaller Golden 50 series...
schaller pickups can sound great with any amp/effect/guitar (experience)

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depends really what you mean by 'classic rock'

Brian May for instance used Vox AC30s, but Jimmy Page used Marshalls and others used fenders etc. you'll need to narrow classic rock down a bit, plus tell us your budget.

Regardless i would recommend a tube amp :p
PAF's are good for classic rock. The pickups you have stock are basically modern versions of the PAF and good enough for most people. PAF's were very inconsistant and there were several flavors. Gibson ordered "alnico" 4 different types which created a wide veriation in tone from classic PAF's. Generally people going for more bluesy tone like alnico 2 and people going for more of a rock tone want alnco 5. The next thing to look at would be the type of magnet wire being used. Real PAF's used plane enamel wire which has a dry tone but most modern pickup makers use poly wire which blends better and has a wet tone. If you are really seriouse about vintage sound you need plane enamel wire which pretty much limits you to duncan antiquity pickups, the duncan 59, going for something from BKP, or going boutique.

If you are looking into things like the DiMarzio PAF then you might as well just save your money because it just isn't that much different than what you already have.

To give more specific advise then what we really need to know is what is it that you don't like about your tone?
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dont get new pups or waste money on a multi effects pedal, I'd get a nice 25-35 watt tuibe amp instaed
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the peavey valveking is a pretty decent classic rock amp, heard good things about the peavey windsor too. vox make a lower powered verson of the AC 30 (the AC 15) that is supposed to be quite good for the money, orange make some good amps, and you may want to look at the fender hot rods and blues juniors.

a decent tube amp will make much more difference to your tone than pickups. If you do decide you would rather change your pickups though, I would recomend bare knuckle mules. they are pricey, but they are probably some of the best P.A.F. type pickups money can buy.
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