While back, I refinished one of my guitars, and all was well, until I began to apply the clearcoat, to my horror, the paint quite literally, cracked, and every time since then that I have applied the clearcoat, its cracked whatever its applied to


I think it was "enamel clearcoat"

is this the right stuff?
You want to get some Krylon Clear coat if your finish was ordinary spray-paint. If you finished the guitar in nitrocellulose then you will need nitrocellulose base gloss lacquer
i used clear hard enamel made by rustoleum and it didn't crack mine. you are wetsanding in between VERY light coats, and plan on buffing right?

I think it's your technique.
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Cracking indicates you are either mismatching incompatible paint types, or are painting when it is too cold, or in the sun.

Clear can fade, crack, and star if done out in the sun or painted below say 70 F degrees.