When theres a really old song you remember little parts of but cant for the life of you remember what it was or find it on the net
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Imagine a pear

*waits for lolwut pic*
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I know exactly what you mean dude...

its like all i can think about, was sung like a rock n roll 80's song, summit about generation? nation? summthing with a roller coaster? i know the lead singer had long hair lol i saw it one on kerrang or skuzz and loved it haha
I absoloutly hate that. But I love that feeling when you find exactly the song/version of the song you were looking for.
I don't think will find this one tho but i will have fun finding new music in my searches
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Imagine a pear

<--- hmmmm a pear?

no but really? what? you are unique?
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