hello to you. I have a question; on whether I should get EMG pickups or save up my money and get a brand new guitar.

this is the guitar I own:

I'm not really all knowing of the parts of the guitar. I know the basic stuff, and how to play. that is it. I just recently started getting more serious about it, so is this guitar good enough for me to get new pickups in it and that be all, or should I flesh out some money to buy a better guitar in general. If so, links to the guitars would be very helpful

EDIT: my amp is a Fender 212R

and since I'm not very good and am not in a band, nor know of any opportunity to be in one, my playing will be mostly just personal, around the house.

My price range is no more than $1,000.

I play metal and hard rock
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Putting new pups in that guitar wouldn't be worth it, you'd be better off with a new one.

BTW, what's your amp?
What kind of amp do you have, and what is your budget? What is your planned usage as well? (i.e. gigs, etc.)
I don't believe in expensive pickups in cheap guitars... but I've been reading a lot of people's opinion that if you play with EMG's or Blackouts that you don't "hear" the guitar anyway, you're just hearing the pickups, so to some extent it doesn't matter what kind of guitar you have if you switch to EMG's or Blackouts.
I just edited my first post with price range, amp and playing style.
thanks to all who have already posted.
New amp. For $1k, you can get a great amp. or, maybe, you could get a good amp and a new axe/EMGs. Since you wont be gigging, a good amp would be a B-52 AT112, which would give you plenty extra for effects and EMGs or a new guitar entirely.
well i have a set of emg's for sale with all necessary hardware...they sound about the same in every guitar so if you like your guitar...do the pickups...
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New amp + Pickups or new guitar.

Bugera 6262?
thanks everyone who has posted,
but what is wrong with my current amp that I should get a new one? I just bought it around 5 months ago and now I'm being told its no good!
what kind of pickups or guitar would be good?
It's a great amp, but isn't really the best for high gain metal, which EMGs excel at.
New amp.

That amp is mediocre at best. Changing your pickups isn't going to make it sound any better, neither is buying a new guitar.

Fender amps aren't especially good for metal, especially that one. The clean channel is good, but the gain channel isn't anything special at all.

An amp would be the biggest change in your tone by far.
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well I use a PodXT when I play, if that makes any difference at all.
I guess I'll be buying a new amp then.
Here's the thing, it's likely that unless you get a tube amp, new EMGs won't sound good on your current solid state one. The system is only as good as the weakest link. With $1000 you can get both a new amp and EMGs.
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now that ive sold my emgs...ill tell you the truth....two of my guitar have had their emg's taken out and blackouts put in....GET BLACKOUTS INSTEAD OF EMGS
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If it were me I would shell out a little bit more, like maybe $1200 and get a GIBSON (not epiphone) les paul, you can get one for about $800 new or a little less used. Guitars are like anything else, you have sour apples and diamonds in every bunch so you dont need to spend $3000 to get a good les paul. Then get a nice little TUBE amp. since you are just playing around at home you dont want to get anything too big because tube amps are designed to run hot and if you only ever have it on 2 or 3 you are not getting out of it what you should. I wont get into brands because everyone likes a certain tone, go to a lot of guitar stores and play many different amps until you find the one that speaks to you. You will really be amazed what a difference that will make. Also, LEARN YOUR SCALES!
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