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I'm thinking of getting a Fender Blues Jr. amp, the only setback being that its 15watts. Now what i was thinking was, guy in my band has all sorts of dj'ing stuff and speakers and things like that, so would it be possible to just use the 15 watt amp and raise the volume when necessary through use of the speakers? Or would that completely mess up the tone?

I was also wondering if this configuration could work out for the better, as in small gigs, there's no way I'd be able to overdrive a 40 watt tube amp, but I could with this 15. What do you guys think?
More speakers aren't gonna make it louder. A more efficient speaker might make it a bit louder, but the amp is really the deciding factor in how loud it is.
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You could mic the amp, then plug the speakers into a mixer and run the mic'd signal thru all the other speakers you have. But yea, the amp controls volume.
with speakers you're just gonna hear your amp from more places...it's not gonna be louder...maybe a bit.
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well if by speakers you mean he has a PA system, then yes you could make it louder. you would just stick a mic in front of the amp, then run it through the PA. if you mean like just adding extra speakers to the amp somehow, then it wont make it much louder. maybe a touch, but not enough to really do anything with.
Yeah, mic your amp and hook it up to a P/A.

Adding speakers won't help. Plus you then need to worry about impedences going below the amp's capacity.

If you want to change your speaker, a good idea would be to look for one in your amp's power range with a higher db sensitivity rating.
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