I was lookin at the iceman and i'm noit to sure if it's a good choice. I know i'll have to play it etc but i would like some positive and negative feedback from the UG community. I have a valveking 112 and drive it with a Bad Monkey. Play all genres of music from blues, alternative and classic rock to hard rock and some metal but not real dark stuff. Is this a versatile guitar or is it more driven towards someone who plays metal. Any feedback is appreciated
i think its a pretty sweet guitar. you can get some good sounds out of it.

my buddy whos like a music nerd has one and he loves it.

he knows his **** too, hes goin to college at the college of sante fe music and arts.

ide say its a really good guitar for the genres your looking at playing
I got an IC400, its a very good guitar for rock and metal stuff, which is most of what I play. Its a great guitar live and in the studio.
sounds good with a Valveking 112 too.
only problem i found was the strap button place on the back of the guitar makes the neck dive like mad.
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It's more leaning towards the metal or whatever SOAD is classified as. [</3 Too bad they broke up. T_T] Ibanez Iceman is more towards metal. You could play it for other stuff but you know.
The IC400 isn't "leaning towards metal" at all - it's a 30 year old design
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