I see many people rocking hard and are pretty good at guitar, not to mention their godspeed in playing guitar (hehe got this from "Psychotron by Megadeth" although he says Godspeed in Glide). I just started playing Electric Guitar and I am not good (I am a Total noob) and I dont expect to be good this early. I wonder if I'll ever be as good as others are... Do I need Theory? Do I need a teacher? Can I practice and get some help from a friend who rocks hard on guitars? is that enough but? (THIS QUESTION IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE GOOD IN PLAYING GUITAR : How do actually play guitar fast? Do string letters, chords, power chords, etc come into your mind while playing or you hit a note with passion due to the fact that you like the song and practiced it a lot of times?) 10x
It's all just practice.
Check out the lessons on here, they'll help you out.
Theory helps, but isn't essential.
Start out by looking at tabs of some easy sounding songs you like, that's how I got going.

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to answer your question... its a combination of EVERYTHING: theory, intuition, memory, and most importantly TIME. I've been playing 12 years, and still have a lot to learn.
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when you play, it just comes from muscle memory, you don't really have to think about it
practice, practice, practice. getting a guitar teacher might help you learn a lot faster though (at least it did for me).
Always Alternative Pick! You'll Regret it! Trust me.. Im trying to learn Alternative Picking due to my ways of using Downpicking the last 7 or so Months.. but for speed and comfort Alternative Pick!
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First off guitar is NOT a race its not about beating someone, its about having fun, secondly everyone has to start somewhere everyone has been in the starting postion, thoery is good know because it gives you more room to explore but also understand what the Fvck is going on when Jamming etc and of course learning off a buddy or an experience guitarist will help you.

On the subject of getting a teacher... Its your choice, if you feel you can't learn yourself then you need a teacher if you feel you can then go for it. Btw have fun playing
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theory is really important, but it's not the first thing to worry about when starting to play, for now just learn chords and an easy scale or two
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I think "playing guitar" is easy, but learnimng chords, songs and such could be hard sometimes. I only been playing guitar for about 4 months or so and I never had a teacher or never learned anthing about theory. But knowing theory might help.
Practice and time. Patience is a virtue. All you have to do is just practice. If you're starting off, you'll get the basics and that way you'll figure what you're more into playing and figure out your flexibility on playing. But it's mostly practice.
playing eletric is VERY EASY,but it is best that you start with an acoustic (like i did) but three easy seteps to get good is
3.and practice to your fingers are bleeding!
Practice whenever you get the chance. Also, focus on timing. Too many guitarists out there learn all the chords and notes and whatever and become theory and technique experts but can't keep time at all. Don't do that.
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Get a teacher, and an established one. They teach things that no one can teach you over the internet or in a book.
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Just like everyone here says, practice practice practice. It's good to start with a little knowledge about music. Theory is great after you've started on a pretty good base. Having a teacher will help you with everything from finger exercises to getting a practice schedule, plus he/she is there to help you so they will give you tips that they have learned over the years. Have fun and good luck!
Dude, same thing happened to me. I saw a lot of videos of bands and noticed how fun and cool it looked like to play it, and most of all how easy it looked. But when i first got my guitar and started playing i thought "HOW THE F**K DO KIRK HAMMETT DO IT!!" but then i looked at some lectures online on tabs (real easy ones) and i can read and understand each tab on this site. And i know A LOT of metallica intro's, system of a down songs and some led zeppelin ones. You wont belive how fast it goes with some basic knowledge and good practise. You will think by your self at start that you will forever suck at this. But practice a lot and you might be the new hendrix
learn to read music. it can make picking some sequences easier if you know what you are doing