i have been using tabs for my entire guitar playing experience and i have always found the song im looking for but the tabs are not always accurate so should i get guitar pro or power tab....

or do you think that i only need one of the two????
Using Guitar Pro helped me with learning some solos and just overall a lot of technical songs because I can slow down and loop certain parts. You can also use Power Tab files in GP so why not.
Powertabs are free, so if you don't feel like spending money PowerTabs is the way to go.
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Yeah, I have TuxGuitar and it is free, you can open, edit, and make powertab and all the gp files (gp3, gp4...).

It pretty much PWNS!!!
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I have both, and i especially like guitar pro because it allows you to sill hear all the tracks of songs (vox, bass, drums etc. [as long as the tab has it]) and allows you to mute selected tracks so you can take out the lead or drums or whatever if you want to play that specific part. You can do that in Power tab too, but it just seems better in Guitar pro. I also find that the actual tab making is easier in guitar pro, plus to me, it sounds a lot less cheesy. 50.00 is alot, but since i use it more or less everyday its worth it to me.
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