Hilary Clinton vs. 1000 homo's, who would win? I think the homo's would. Hilary, having her blood torn clothes and trusty ak47, would ward off the homo's for a few seconds. Then, the homo's retaliate and scream: "FOR MJ!" and start shooting. But, wait. They don't shoot with weapons. The homo's start masturbating, and shoot all over Hilary. Hilary dodges it for a second, then falls to the white liquid. Hilary doesn't go down easy. She shoots frantically, and shoot 76 of the homo's in the head with her AK. The homos' heads' explode, and used condoms fall everywhere. Then, the battlefield is silent. Half of the homo's lay dead on the battlefield, the others crying their heads off, running back to their "daddy". (Hmm, wonder who that is. :smoke

What's your scenario?

Remember, dont be crude about this. this was meant as a joke.

Have fun, doodz. Remember, vote independent.