Has anyone heard of them?
They're a great punk band built up of half Teen Idols and half Rehasher.
But anyway, they cancelled some tours and stuff when one of their members' mother died, and ever since then, they've gone missing.
Does anyone know what happened to them? I miss them.
I played a show with them and that was like 4 years ago or something. Anyway they never made it cuz you're right someone in their family had died and they left the tour to go back home.

The Know How also played that night and I didn't really like them. One of them was drunk and made fun of my creepers[which are boss] and one of the other guys had to stop me from stomping him.

Then my band played after the Know How and stole the whole crowd. So I guess we got the victory.
I had no idea they had split up but I liked them when they supported Less Than Jake a few years ago. Good band.
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