Can anybody recommend the best cutaway guitars for about $700AU - $900AU?
I am Australian, and guitars are about 20-30% more expensive here, so a $300US guitar is about $700AU.

I have already looked at Art & Lutherie guitars, but I am wanting a spruce model, and the only color their spruce comes in is burgundy, and TBH I really don't like that color guitar.


Must have cutaway
Must be Spruce
Must come in Natural Color
Must be $900AU max

Hope I haven't confused anybody :P All help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the help so far! I'm checking both out right now =D

Also, I should say what type of music I play, huh? Here's a pretty good example of the sound I am after. Obviously it's not going to sound exact, but anything that sounds close would be nice:


So yeah, it has to be able to handle hard strumming without breaking up/buzzing badly.