I thought I'd post a thread here before I try on eBay next. I have two Duncan SH-4's never even used or installed, brand new but opened. If any of ya saw it on my build I opened em up just to test fit pu rings but nothing has been cut or used in ANY way!

Selling individually for $65+ shipping or together for $120 + shipping. If I remember these are goin for at cheapest around $95 each + shipping and again, they're just like new! If you're in the market for whats been called the best pickup ever made, then snag this deal up =]

Seeya! - Josh
Well I dont have them here with me now to get an estimate but I'll just say 10 bucks to wherever anyone is, and if it's less I'll refund the difference if more then you pay nothing more! so 10 or less for anyone!

mmm trades would work but as of now I'm looking for something very specific so I doubt it would work, I'm looking for white seymour duncans, sh4 and something else i haven't decided on yet.

If you're interested just email me at piedpiperX2000 "at" gmail.com, obviously remove the "at" and add a @ heh

Looking to sell asap! First serious inquire that can pay NOW, it gets sold to =] I prefer paypal payment but money orders and checks are good too, but have to clear before shipment.

Seeya! - Josh
so Ireland; yes! 10 dollars.

And by "dont have them with me" I meant I'm at work and they're at home.

seeya - Josh