Hey I was wondering if someone could tab out "Just Friends" by Jason Reeves.
I have most of the chords down but there are just one or two I can't figure out and no one has tabed this song out before. I was using a capo on the 5th for this song i believe. I would really like to play a cover on this song if I can find a good tab.

Yeah, he and Colbie Calliat tend to use capos almost to a degree of overkill. It makes it hard to figure the songs out.

+1 though. I'd like to learn it, but it's just irritating me doing it.

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I don't think that's the correct use of the phrase "going mad."
Yea almost all of his songs have a capo on it and it is annoying to figure them out because of figuring out which fret to put the capo on and he uses a lot of open chords which makes it harder to figure out. He has a few songs tabed out on his myspace but not "Just Friends" =(.
I was excited he finally got a record deal the other week with Warner Bros.
Good luck people at tabbing the song!