Whatsup UGers my names Wes, here's the link to my soundclick where i've recorded a couple songs with GarageBand. Take a few mins to listen to some and give me some feedback on how to improve my songwriting on any level, i'd appreciate it for sure. I'm really going for a reggae/blues fusion sound, get back at me!!


Quite nice stuff, 'Easy Living' is the best, but could do with some more bass.
Nice work, drums could be a bit more exciting though rather than just a loop.
Keep working though.
i listened to them all, great stuff. my favorite was city of roses, which most displayed the fusion you were looking for. but after that i liked midnight a lot, acoustic medley, then easy living, great stuff here liked it all,

what its missing is some more vocals, like in city of roses,

overall great job
crit me?
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i listened to Easy Listening

its pretty good, i like the little slide part a lot, you got the reggae down definitely, i didn't get a real bluesy sound from it except the solo, but i liked it none-the-less, very well done