From time to time, I'll get really dizzy and light headed for a few seconds when I stand up quickly after sitting for a long time, which typically only happens when I play video games, which is probably once or twice a week for about an hour or so. I've always attributed it to low blood pressure, which I always have, and try to say its not a big deal. I never mention it to my parents, because they'll automatically assume I'm doing drugs or overreact in some other manner. Sometimes I see weird patterns and lose my vision during this period, the same patterns you see if you close your eyes and press on your eyeballs for a bit.

Today, after playing a game for a while, I walked the 10 or so feet to the TV to change the input signal back to the cable, because if I do it with the remote it freaks out, and the same type thing happened. My head got really light feeling, and my whole body went numb and was tingling for a good ten seconds. I watched my vision fade out and all I could see was strange sparkly patterns for the same period. I just kind of stood still for a little while, and it faded out.

It was pretty scary to be honest, because I almost fainted. I'm otherwise very healthy, and am curious if this is some kind of photosensitive seizure?

happens to me too. :\
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You just are getting extremely light headed, happens to me to, walked about 5 feet then collapsed. hahaha
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I've had that, I think it's just a bad head rush. Usually happens to me when I have low blood sugar (I'm slightly hypoglycemic).

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That happens to me too. It don't think it's anything to worry about.
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Happens to me everyday.

Once I whited out and cracked my head open, causing me to get 5 staples in my noggin.
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I get that a lot. It's not a big deal.

Eat better and exercise more.

Well that's the thing. I eat a very balanced diet and I work out about 15 hours a week. I figured that kind of stuff is more closely related to a nutrient deficiency or something.
It has nothing to do with playing video games.

It happens to everyone. When you sit in one spot for a while, and then stand up REALLY quickly, a lot of blood rushes to your head, because of the very sudden change in your position, and it makes you slightly disoriented for a few seconds. You just kind of have to stand there for a second until you're re-orientated.

I learned this from Bill Nye.
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Happens to me. I found clenching your fists work real well. Actually, doing that can prevent you from passing out all in all.
That's most likely a head rush. I used to have epilepsy, and when I had a seizure, I would completely black out, shake, and then wake up not knowing what is going on. I had what was called Grand-Mal Seizures. What you most likely had was a headrush, but there is a possibility that you may have had a petite-mall seizure. If you are concerned about it, go to a doctor and try to talk to a neurologist.
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i've actually fainted 3 times from it, once it was infront of my cousin and he laughed at me
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Happens to a lot of people.
Once i fainted and split my whole left side open on my speaker.

Its really no big deal. Just drink more water.
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