Well, I'm installing a humbucker in the bridge of my SSS Squier Strat. I'm gonna wire it with a push-pull pot for coil splitting (500k) and when I get that I'm thinking that maybe I should just get 500k pots for everything else too. I've heard that it'll make the humbucker sound better, but how will it effect the sound of the single coils? How crucial is replacing all of them?

EDIT: It just occurred to me that I never really use my tone controls... at all... And I'm building my own pickguard for this. As a result, do you guys know anything about how I would wire everything if the only control I wanted (aside from the selectors) was a single volume? And would not having tone pots be equivalent to having tone at full now? Thanks for any help with all these questions, I'm pretty new to the electrical side of things.
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I'm not a huge electronics guy, so this is definitely not my area of expertise.

With that said, I do know that experts (check websites, including Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, etc.) say that a 500k pot is preferable for humbuckers while a 250k pot is preferable for single coils (and a 25k pot for active pickups). Given that information, I would advise just leaving your other pots alone -- why waste money if it isn't even improving your guitar?
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all i can say is that the pot for my Duncan TB-11 are 250K and i'm not so sure i would want anything else. you may want to keep asking, call Duncan, and or get more opinions 'cause swapping everything out to 500k doesn't make sense to me - but that is just me.
Alright, thanks. Anyone know about only having the volume?
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With 500k pots for everything you will need to use your tone control unless you have a really dark amp.
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