hey i'm pretty new to guitar and i'm trying to find some easy fingerpicking songs similar to blackbird, ie songs that use the thumb pointer and middle and are reletively easy. I can already play blackbird and dust in the wind.

I learned the stairway intro up until the chords. easy to remember, just your guitar has to be in tune to make it sound good.

I can play Wish you were here with finger picking, but its better with a pick.
Always and Never by Coheed and cambria. Cool song, and its not just finerpicking chords, like Dust is.
Slow Cheetah is alot of fun to play, good practice. You need a capo though...
Under the Bridge is awesome to play. The intro is the fingerpicking

learned stairway, house of the rising sun, blackbird, under the bridge, dust in the wind. any other suggestions?
tears in heaven?
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House of the Rising Sun; Stairway to heaven
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House of the Rising Sun; Stairway to heaven

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