Underneath is my original post. Anyways, people wanted me to see if it was worth it. And I think it is. *The practice set is really helpful.


I found this:


Even though 846 people said the inlays were "awsum" and "ez to install," I'd still have the person that sold me my guitar put them on.

I have an '86 BC Rich Warlock with 24 frets with circles on the neck. And I'd rather have Iommi's crosses or Pentacles put on.

Here's the pros:

"All our Chrome materials are Top coated bright polypropylene(plastic+fiber) with a strong adhesive with 5-7 years outdoor durability."
"They don't damge the fretboard"
"You can create a prototype before installing actual inlays"
"all tested way before going on Ebay with local musicians' approval."

I want to know if it's worth taking the risk.
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dude i bought the kerry king tribal inlays and did that **** myself it looks great on my B.C.Rich Mockingbird buy it you like it peace
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hmm that looks pretty cool, im interested. when you buy them, can you post pics and tell me what you think? even if its a PM. thanks bro.
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They arent inlays they are just stickers. So dont imagine they are going to need any kind of pro install.
HAHAHA "5. You can instantly trasform your ordinary fretboard to
a custom neck."

Transformers guitar edition!
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yeah, there'd be no problem installing those! Might actually get a set to spice up my squier...
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That looks horrid. Honestly, if 'custom' guitars were made of stickers, velcro and a bit of duct tape, everybody would have a 'custom'.

I agree, that close-up, they're not the best looking. But for $18, looking at them from a foot away, they look pretty decent for stickers. (Where you got velcro and duct tape from.. *shrug*)

I'd much rather have these than pay more than I did for my guitar to have real inlays carved in.
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I'd much rather have these than pay more than I did for my guitar to have real inlays carved in.

One other advantage, if you do not like them, you can take them off. Thanks for possting the link.
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