I Just spent $500 bucks at guitarcenter.

If you've read any of my recent threads you know ive been all over the place as far as amps. Blues Jr...Fender 65 deluxe reverb...Orange Tiny Terror...Orange Rocker 30. I know a lot of you are gonna say i picked the wrong amp...but... I bought a Crate V32 Palomino, a little big muff, a monster cord and a jimi tab book.

Now i know its not an orange but its perfect for me considering my skill level. It gives me an awesome frusciante tone, nice led zep, cream tone as well. Jimi's in there too. 60's and 70's rock.

Oh and i plug a Fender 50's Classic Players Strat into it. What do you guys think?
You definitely did NOT pick up the wrong amp. The palomino is a pretty good amp.

Clips and pics please!
thats great. you did your research, and you found an amp in your price range that, most importantly, YOU love. thats what matters. i hope it keeps you happy for quite some time.

we really need pics and clips though.
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Yeah for sure. Ill put some pics up real soon. As for clips....i got no recording gear or video cam. But ill probably get one soon.
Oh and it wasn't that the Orange's were out of my price range i just felt like they were way too much amp for my skill level. When i get as good as frusciante...no better then him ill spend 1500 on an amp. hahaha
Nice pickup. I almost bought a Palomino. But I felt the cleans were a little better on my c30 and the gain a little smoother. But still an excellent amp!
i just picked one up less than a week ago. i was a little skeptical at first, but its an awesome amp. its defidently the one for me. now to just find a decent overdrive.
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Thats funny i had a Classic 30 for about a week. It was great, but for some reason i like the V32 better. Go figure. I had to take the amp back because it was crapping out on me within a week.
Sounds kick-ass. Quick question, MIA or MIV? And if MIV, do you notice anything difference to the MIA ones? Oh, and congrats on getting a good one. EVERY Palomino in my GC has missing/broken knobs and stuff.
Man congratz... I admire that... A lot of people would've gone with what they thought other people liked better. It also takes a lot to realize what's enough for one at the time. So mega gratz. And I've heard good things about that amp, so hopefully you'll enjoy it a lot!