Alright so i got my SX SST Ash and im thinking of tricking the thing out. Or more accurately replacing some parts such as the bridge pickup (which sounds like a cross between a banjo and a sitar) and changing the tuners and the Nut. The nut im probably gonna get something from stew mac for like $5

As for the tuners i will probable get some nice ones from the local shop assuming they are priced decently (the old ones are so sharp they keep pooping the strings.

As for the Pup i really have no idea what to get. Preferably something thats a little more smooth with a low high and some amped up mids and less on the 4khz.

The other thing is that i have around $500 so its very possible that i can return The SX and get myself a fender Strat. My only problem is that i dont know how much better a mim strat will be and if it will be worth the extra $$$. That and i absolutely LOVE the Ash body.

What do people suggest?
The SX ain't bad, but not exactly a "show stopper" either. If you can afford it, a nice ash bodied Fender would be better in the long run. Plus it'd have better re-sale value.

Here's a couple ash bodied strats.

5150 combo
GSP1101 + Tech 21 PE60

ESP LTD M-255 w/ SD Full Shred
Kramer Vanguard w/ JE-1000 active preamp
Douglas WF-150sn w/ GFS "Hot Lead" set

Bos SD-1 (boost)

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That first one is actually an alder body with an ash rosewood neck.

Thanks for the tip. I'm probably gonna stick with what i have and just upgrade it.