This might belong in The Pit, but I figured I would recieve more help here.

So I just burnt my middle knuckle and the lower part of my ring finger. The skin on my middle knuckle is white (surrounded by red) and my ring finger is red. It hurts to play guitar, but not so much to make me stop playing.

My question is: Should I stop playing guitar? (Will it irritate the burns or something?)

If you can still play, and it's not uncomfortable to the point of being painful, I woulden't worry too much about it. Just put some neosporin on the burns to make sure dirt, grime, and sweat don't affect it and you should be fine.
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put some neosporin on it to de-infect it and put like a thin band aid on it or some medical tape to make sure it doesnt get infected...
worst case senario your finger gets chopped off and you'll never play guitar the same again

no biggie