so i was looking for maybe some books to learn from, i started 3 weeks ago all i can really play is a few chords
i play mostly pop punkish stuff

anyone mind helping a mcr fan out?

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Try the lessons section here on UG, most of the lessons have something good in them and some of them are pure gold.
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I've said this many times and I'll say it again, look up Justin Sandercoe videos on Youtube.
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i play mostly pop punkish stuff

anyone mind helping a mcr fan out?

after 3 weeks wittout lessons or anything, that would just about be the extent of one's playing ability.
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Learn powerchords

That is all
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If all you want to do is play pop punk, then as others said just learn power chords.

If you actually want to play other types of music, start learning chords and scales. Check out some of the lessons on here.
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I love MCR and you should try playing disenchated when you a bit better cos it's actually quite easy.

may i recomend Jamarama

google it into google
and you should find the website

spam free and you can get books download it (much cheaper)
happy guitaring
and MCR-ing