Hey everyone, and thanks for looking atmy thread. Im a little tight on the buget, but i can get a line 6 variax 300 new for a decent price. I have a Bugera 6262-XL(got as a gift) so the amp sound should not hold me back. I play stuff like As blood runs Black, Lamb of God, Slipkot, All That Reamains, Slayer, Bring me the Horison.......
The variax has manny guitars on it, but i dont think any are really desighned to what I play. I hear that the Workbench softwear can create different guitars. You can change the pickups, and positions, so I think I could manage to make a good metal guitar out of it. What do you think of this? or should i just go with another guitar?
Well unless you're going to use it as a musician tool then don't get it. Why get a versatile tool and only use it in place of some ESP or something. What a waste.

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What's the price? Aren't they like $300 new?

I haven't played on them extensively but I wasn't all that impressed - sort of lacking in definition through most of what I remember. I'd recommend you continue looking.