What should i do next to get my guitar playing to the next level?

I learn some songs.....i read up on how to improvise and solo......and i have watched my self improving but it seems like latley i have not improved at all.............and i am very frustrated .....

any tips on what i should do?
i know some theory........

but i am talkign some exercises , practice rutines that will help me out
Play this for five straight minutes and then fight the urge to sever your hand.


Want something even more brutal? Throw some stretches into that excerise and find out why they're called exercises (as in, your arm will feel the same way your legs feel after running the mile in gym class after not running all winter).

Edit: Please don't kill yourself with these exercises. They are very hard and your hand and arm will hurt a lot after a very short amount of time playing them.

Edit 2: The idea is to barre fret 1 with your index finger and fret 4 with your pinky, thus making this a very difficult exercise.
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well, try this, alternate pick it so your pick is always going downupdownupdownup, when you get back up to the 1st fret on the low E, move the figure the 2nd fret, then 3rd allllll the way too twelve and then go back from 12 to 1, one fret at a time. make it sound clean, and go faster the better you become til you play it like a humming bird.

do this pattern

all the way up the neck until your pinky hits the last fret..... do that on all the strings

you will hate me.