how is the quality control on epiphone guitars? for example, the quality control on their cheap starter models mus be pretty bad, but what about on guitars such as epiphone les paul customs?
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I had a Les Paul Custom, no problems whatsoever, except later on 2 of the frets died. That was probably due to a bad fret or the truss rod needed to be adjusted but then i sold it.
I myself have yet to play a poor Epiphone.

keep in mind I haven't played LOTS of them (don't see why I'd need to)
but I have an LP Standard and it's made just perfectly.
I own an epiphone sg-400, its a pretty good guitar for what you pay. Never get the specials or the cheapest one though. When you get one though, try it out in the store first. Also, yours probably wont be set up properly(mine wasnt) but you can ask the sales associate to help you with that first anyways if your too lazy to do it yourself. They are nice guitars for what you pay, I got mine over a Mexican Strat and a low end ibanez. I liked this better.