Hey everyone,

This is my first post, I've used UG for a while just for tabs so I guess I'll try out the forums. Yeah, I use Cubase Pro Studio 4 with the cheap-o Alpha Lexicon sound interface. I'm just using the in program ampsimulator for my guitar and I'm using EZDrummer with Drumkit from hell.

The song I really want you guys to check out is the "Triple Metal Frapuccino."

It's still rough but just want to know how it sounds from here.
and yes it cuts off at the end by a couple measures.

check it out www.myspace.com/4ndylegacy
It sounds awesome. I don't really like the beginning riff, but that's just a personal preference. But what's really important is I can tell just by how it sounds that you could rip no matter what riff you play.
the sound of the guitar's very rough but from what i can hear it sounds pretty good, i like the progressions and everything.
yeah definitely
this song is only about 3 days into the making
so i have definitely got a lot more to go,
i still haven't found a guitar sound that really goes well with that style, the more melodic death metal stuff.

umm... that sound is the same as my other songs but those songs are a more tough guy traditional hardcore approach