I saw that there was already a thread for good lyrics for a whole song or phrases but i wanted to narrow it down, what are some GREAT hooks (1 word to a small phrase) that you guys can think of, and I ask another question, what makes a hook great?
A great hook, has to be really rememorable and easy to sing. This is because it is the part that people sing along to or hum the tune.
To make it rememorable usually things are repeated alot.

If you want to find out how to make a good hook, listen to some of your favourite songs and find out what they do.

Using an example from Theory of a Deadman's song Santa Monica:

I remember the day, when you left for Santa Monica
You left me to remain, with all your excuses for everything
I remember the time, when you left for Santa Monica,
I remember the day, you told me it's over.

You can see its very repetetive.

So really, repetetion makes a good hook

Look at the songs in the charts as well, personally, I hate whats in the top 40, but there is a reason the stuff is there, its catchy, it has good hooks.

'Nothings sweet about me'
'Everytime we meet, I skip a heart beat'
'I'm not gonna write you a love song'
'You'll never see me again'
'She's So Lovely'
'I wana make love in dis club, in dis club, in dis club, in dis club'

You can see that, all the popular songs, sum up the whole song within a whole line, and usually repeat that line about 60 times within the song, personally this annoys the **** out of me, but i guess i'm in the minority.

Anyway, hope that helps.