This is the first song I've ever written.

Let me know how it sounds, aside from the fact the lead guitar is out of time sometimes in the chorussy riff (I'll re-record it eventually, but I'm a bum). Leave a link and I"ll comment back.

It's the one called Dreams
sounds good,
if you added a little bit more dynamic,
a little bit more to listen to it'd be great
once you re-record it'll sound awesome

maybe a little reverb on the guitar??
yeah, the lead guitar is out of time sometimes, i like the 2:40 area bc it is something different from the main chord progression.
the main chord progression sounds great, but if your going to repeat it so many times it needs lyrics or some changing element or it gets boring,
it sounds great but it seems a little repetitive and needs some variation
good job though

crit me?
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haha, yeah, I guess I should mention I do have lyrics to the song, I just REALLY suck at singing so they will have to wait for another day, but thanks for the kind words guys
I think that the song has some potential if vocals are added. The song structure was simple but worked. I don't really like the tone of the lead part too much, I thought it sounded a bit weak. But the acoustic guitar was recorded well and I think the base of "Dreams" is good.

The cover songs that you have up on your myspace aren't bad either.

Listen to mine and let me know what you think: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=898664
Ahhhh, accoustic!! I love the sound of a nice accoustic. The song overall needs some work as I'm sure you know. But like other people have stated it needs some lyrics. I understand how hard it can be to put down some vocals, but I think almost everyone can sing as long as you find the right key and the right song. If nothing else, maybe you can work the lead to the melody of the lyrics you wrote. Sometimes that can work better than the lyrics itself.

Keep it up though. Don't get discouraged when someone doesn't like your creations, just make them better!!



This song is, quite honestly, not a good representation of your obvious ability. the covers you have on the same page are really really good, but your original features none of the small details that make the covers so great. "Another kind of green" features both trills and varying rhythms, either one would make your original that much better. You are completely right about the lead being out of time, that is easily remedied though.

Please Crit. "Song of the Dead" (link below)