Well, my GNX3 power supply broke and I have to order a new one (expensive little bugger >.<. It was my main supply of distortion and effects. I played it through a bass amp so I got kick ass low end, so now I am stuck without distortion. So, are there any FREE programs that have the guitar plugged right into the computer? I know that my guitar can play through the speakers of my computer when I plug it in, but can I add distortion etc.?


Right, so people aren't understanding *hard to believe ^.^ with my perfectly ordered... paragraph?*

I ran my GNX3 into a Crate BT-15 and used the distortion from the GNX3 to get a really cool metal sound IMO. The GNX3 is not usable atm as the power supply broke. Now my question is: is there some way that I can hook my guitar into my computer and get a good metal sound? I have a 1/8" cable to go into my guitar, I got that all working. All I want is a program that will give me distortion.

People telling me to get a new amp is not helping. I ordered a power supply, it's in the damn mail. I need something to tie me over til it gets here.
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you dont have an amp... umm... you could frostwire guitar pro and get a keygen

There are free VST plugins for distortion, you can google some up and maybe go through audacity somehow or something? I don't know if that would actually work, but it's worth a try.
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Well you can get something like a StealthPlug or Lightsnake cable or
You can get multi effects pedal that will hook to PC via USB or
You can get audacity.net software (or others) for free and hook up the way you were talking or
You can go to the Riff and Recordings thread or
You can use the Search Bar at top right

does that help?

so wait....you have an electric guitar...but no...amp? like no little magical box that makes sound come out of it when you play? without having to use earphones?

IF you don't already have one of those...i highly suggest getting one.
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