OK not really, but it is still very important to me! I've been looking at upgrading guitars as of late and so far I've come to two very different conclusions. Plan A is to go out and drop a large chunk of cash to get my very own American Deluxe Strat. Plan B, however, is to build my own guitar at a fraction of the cost.

Right now I have a MIA full maple strat neck in my possession along with high quality seymour duncan pickups. I would look at replacing the body with a good quality wood, replacing all electronics, bridge, and anything else that is of questionable quality. I'm still considering whether it's best to order in a premade body or simply to cut my own. Painting and/or finishing is up in the air still and may have to be done by a proffessional. My dad and I have all the tools required and have built several other lower quality guitars with good outcomes so we feel up to the task.

However my main concern is that despite our best efforts my custom guitar still won't be able to compete on the same level tonewise as the american deluxe. I really don't know what to expect as this is breaking new ground for me.

My question is: In theory, should a homebuilt guitar made with quality parts be able to compete with a high quality professional factory produced guitar? I'm anxious because this project would be a large investment of time and money when I may very well be much more satisfied to walk into a store and buy a new fender cash right upfront. If anyone with experience building guitars could give me some advice I would be extremely grateful!
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I built a guitar completely from scratch, the first electric i've ever made, and while the neck might be big for some people (I personally like it that way), it plays and sounds as good as any guitar i've played in a shop. just take your time and really be committed to it, and no matter what, you'll love it more than any guitar you can buy. and hopefully it'll sound good!
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Well as long as you dont have half the body made out of wood filler, it should be fine.
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Surprisingly, stuff like guitars in stores may look extremely high-tech, but if you use the same circuit (which in American Strats isn't too complicated) the tone should sound somewhat the same, but also depending on the body wood, sustain block, etc. Just be sure to plan the whole thing out real thoroughly before you start and if you really plan on using this guitar to play through mainly a lot, use good quality parts and take your time.
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The american deluxe has the noiseless sound.
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You'd do better to go with the mexican strats in that respect.
I bought a "deluxe"(that means noiseless) american strat for $899(hooray craigslist).
I bought a mexican reverse pickup/headstock MIM strat for $399(hoorat MF's stupid deal of the day)

Guess which I play more. I'll give you a hint. I sold my american strat.
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get a fender licensed replacement body from warmoth or edenhaus.com and finish it your self in nitro. The rest of the parts are all off the shelf so you can get way better hardware than what fender puts on their guitars.