OK, so this summer I set a goal for myself, and that is to build my first amp. I don't know whether or not I should get a kit, or just get some parts and dick around with them. I'm probably going to go with a kit, so do you know where I can find one? it would be prefferable if I could get them at a legitimate store, although online isn't too bad. My concern with getting the kit is that I won't know the science behind building an amp, such as how to make different sounds. ex: what makes distortion?. I feel like I won't learn as much if i get the kit. This isn't really going to be a performance amp, unless i just happen to love the way it sounds, i really want this more just to learn about amps. another question I had is what tools will I need? how exspensive will the this project be? like i said, i don't really need this amp to play through, just for the learning experience, so i don't need a real exspensive kit or exspensive parts. lastly, anything you can tell me about which parts will make which sounds ex: what part makes distortion, reverb, delay, stuff like that. thanks, and if you have any advice let me know.
I don't know much about amps, but are you building a solid (?) amp or a tube amp?
From when I tried to find a kit for amps, I learned that you can't get them cheap. Well, for my sense of cheap. If your sense of cheap is $300 bucks or so (maybe a bit more or less), than you might be able to find some. If you really want to learn stuff though, start with a really simple amp to make like the Little Gem or a Ruby. Or better yet, first learn to read schematics and to solder. And also research like crazy, read everything anywhere about amps, power amps, what certain chips like 555's (although I don't think 555's will be used much in amps) do, etc.
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Amps are not particularly easy to build and I would definitely wait until you have a sound knowledge of electronics until you build one, start off with pedals.
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If you're new to guitar electronics and have some cash to spare.. I would recommend this to you: http://www.beavisaudio.com/bboard/index.htm check it out! basically its an all i one stombox kit which comes with a lot of parts and loads of info on what does what etc. after you played about with this for a while you should go for the amp build.

I just remembered theres a 1W amp build on the beavis board too called the Ruby or Little Jem I think

You could learn a lot from it!
unless you are experienced with electronics i wouldnt recommend making a mains powerd amp the voltages are high and the parts will hold the electricity for a long time, i dont want you to die from electric shock or anything lol