This is a sort of "mini song" that I came up with in about a few hours. Try it out and tell me if you like it. Any comments and constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks!
what's the difference between the two files?

but it was nice. I really liked it. kinda reminded me of dust in the wind though until the piano came in. the piano complimented the guitar very nicely, although when the guitar rests it didn't seem right that the piano would play through.

also, I want whatever piano you're playing because I've never seen one that can bend notes and give them vibrato
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Oh, yeah, about that...lol. The second one is the GP4 version so that more people can look at it.

Thanks though

Yeah, I had it special made. It's from...ummm...India. They're one of a kind
Well those fancy midi keyboards can bend notes

I like the overall feel of the song, but it definitely needs a lot of work.

The acoustic part definitely needs work, some variation added or something, it's very repetitive. The pauses you have sound really strange and jarring. I can't tell if the timing is slightly off, or it just cuts off too quickly or what, but it really kills the flow.

The piano part is cool, but to be honest it sounds more like a guitar part than a piano part. You'd almost be better switching the two parts around.
Yeah, i know. It was just a little riff I came up with in not too long so I just slapped it in there and tried to create a solo over it.

Those few weird pauses were due to the note cutting off too quick. I did try to "let it ring" but for some reason it just stopped anyways.

Yeah, I did realize that the piano sounded a little too much like guitar, and I did try to change it, but none of the notes would sustain for some reason so it sounded...well...bad.

Thanks a bunch for your comments though everybody
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Really though. I liked it. The rests for the guitar part made me though that my RSE skipped or something until i went back and looked at it a second time. The guitar got a bit boring, and a couple piano parts just didn't sound right to me. Wonderful job, however.
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