Hey friends, long story short, i needed cash for bills & rent, so i sold pretty much all my gear except my main guitar. everythings great now, because now i got a great paying job now im trying to get an amp & some other stuff, but im focusing on a amp right now. im pretty much looking for a tube combo or head that would be great for blues, funk, classic rock, hard rock & heavy metal. I got just about 1500 that i can spend, so that will be my limit. so far ive been looking at
Traynor ycv 50 blue
Orange tiny terror or rocker 30 combo
Engl screamer 50 combo
Peavey classic 30

What would you guys recommend, or if there are any other amps i should be looking at?

The engl or the Rocker 30

EDIT: look at Dr. Z's maybe?
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Maybe a Mesa Lonestar?
well ive always loved british voiced over american voiced amps. my budget for a amp is $1500 bucks. I mainly play in e standard & e flat. I play alot of Randy Rhoads, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppilin, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Queen. I hope this helps
I say rockerverb 50, then you get the tones you're looking for with a FX loop.
Orange amps own.
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^For 1500? No way, mang..
Then i would run out and buy one!

I think a used ENGL Screamer combo would work for you.

Maybe also check out an amp from Rivera's line of amplifiers?

What rivera amp would u recommend?
kool kool ill check it out right now, thanks forsaknazrael & everyone else for the help