Hey guys, Some of you may recognize me (I've not been very active for a while ) , but I've been thinking about getting a cheap acoustic bass guitar to fool around with. I found this one for pretty cheap but I can't ID it to see it its actually a good deal or a piece of junk on a stick (I know it won't be amazing). Any help on the value/ID of this bass would be greatly appreciated!

It looks very similar to a Jerzy acoustic bass I used to own, which I subsequently defretted and gave away.

If it is one, I found them to be remarkably loud, albeit a bit woofy. However, that loudness had a lot to do with it's very thin plywood top, which ended up warping in no time, making the action and sustain nonexistant. Plus, the bridge wasn't glued all the way. But, then again, that's my opinion for a Jerzy - that may or may not be one.
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