One thing I know Im really bad at is tempo.

I look at a songs tabs and never get it right. I know people say just play along with song to get it right, but that doesnt work either.

Others say play with a metronome over the song.

But what if the song is a non standard beat, ie no 4/4 pr 8/8 or the like?

Do I just set my metronome to the speed the song was originally played at?
you my friend need to purchase guitar pro. Its got inbuilt metronome, speed trainer (so u can set the beat from 1%-100% until u get it!!
Yeah. Just set it at the songs speed. If it's one that ticks at the start of every 4 beats see if you can turn that off.

If the song has a speed change that's when you're ****ed. Check out Behind Space in my profile... I tried to replicate the speed change with time signature changes but it's just not right :P
the flaw of tabs is that it doesnt show note value unless you buy the big book

but yeah just set the metronome to the sped the song is played at
bpm=110 then you set your metronome to that
you just count differently when you are in 3/4 4/4 7/8 etc.
but the tempo remains the same