why are like guitars for soloist usually like double cut aways? like strat bodys or the actual soloist guitar? why not like the les paul or sg? Why aren't they really popular shred guitars?
because usually double cutaways are lighter than les pauls and some shredders did use les pauls, the most known i can think of are matt heafy and randy rhoads, but heafy uses and ml and rhoads had vast amount of other guitars so, its usually just the neck and if their live artists the weight cause wen your at a live show you want to be able to go the distance and a heavy guitar can wear you out, thats why jimmy didnt use the double neck on every song its just not nessecary

edit - sorry for jumbling the 2 thoughts into that but one thoughts in between the tho other one so hopefully you get the jist of what im saying
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