i know this type of thread has been here before, but just bear with me...

my band is trying to get a guitar amp, a decent one, between $300 (US). good for practice and small shows. any help would be appreciated (sp?).
You might try Guitar Gear and Accessories - are you willing to go used?
What styles do you play?

Without this, it's pretty difficult to say, maybe a used valveking or classic 30?
You'll have to stretch your budget a bit. If you can stretch to about 400-450 bucks, you'll be within the range of several amps.

The Valveking is decent, and will do what you want. Goes for around 400 brand new, for the 1x12" combo. It'll be plenty loud for gigs.

The Traynor YCV40WR is, IMO, superior to a VK. Better gain, better cleans. Look used, and you should be able to find one for a good price. I got mine for 425.

A Line 6 Flextone II or III would be a good choice, too.

A Classic 30 might work, it can heavier than the name "Classic" would imply. You just need to know how to dial it in. These go for as low as 350 bucks used.
well, i looked at the line 6 spder 3, like 75 wats. what is a good wattage? and the VK 112 is about 350. while the line 6 goes for 260
kool will try my best.

whatya mean modeling?

and its just the cabinet, so i gues i gotta buy the pedal system
Another amp situation taken care of?


be sure to post clips when you get it, if that is indeed what you are going for.


If it's 200 for just the cab, you still need an actual amp to make sound. That ain't gonna do it alone.

In that case, I'm gonna suggest an AD50VT for versatility reasons, and a Peavey Windsor combo. The Windsor, especially for RATM. I believe it's a low wattage clone of a JCM... but it's likely that I'm mistaken. Either way, it sounds pretty good.
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well if thats no any good, hows about the fender super champ XD guitar combo amp? its a 15 watt tube amp with a 10 inch speaker. going for about 260
well, i'm gonna take you on your word that you are not messing around with us. if so:

your link above is only a box with speakers for $200.

you need a combo amp which means = combination of amplifier and speaker(s).

the top two in my link are combo amps and the bottom one is a box with speakers only and useless to you.

The SuperChamp XD is a nice amp too for $300 but i'm not sure it can get over a drummer.

The Peavey Valveking is a nice amp too for $400 and it can get over a drummer but - is a stripped down basic all tube amp compared to the modeling amp of the Line 6 so it depends on what one you want. There are others to choose from too, like the Vox mentioned above. Can you go to a Guitar Center and try some of these out? That is really your best bet.
thnx for the help guys, much apprecieated (sp?).

so i looked up some more stuff and heres what i got:

raven RG100 combo w/twin 12in speakers-about 350
vox valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 combo-about 300
fender frontman 65R 65w 1x12-250ish

i like the frontman the most, based on its reviews. any thoughts?
No to the raven and no to the frontman. They bot have really, really bad distortion.

Out of those, the AD50VT is your best bet.
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Hopefully, that'll be loud enough for you.

Works for me in those situations.