This is for my rhetoric class
we were asked to write a song based off a song of one of our heros
so I chose Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan

If your traveling in the north country far
where the lights shine brightly over winter eyes
pretend that she wasnt worth your time
but then she was the last love of mine

you can go when the sun shines bright
When the stars are fast asleep
Cause soon you'll be alone on the ice
and soon she will be outta your life

Soon you'll see that the sun dont shine
Across the road and away from her
She loved you so and kept you dry
She kept you from the storm that was her eyes

Again and Again she comes in a dream
Silently, discreetly forgeting you
riding on the wave of the oncoming tide
When really all you wanted was to be by her side
It's pretty cool. I really like Girl From The North Country. Some of it was confusing where you were talking about the girl as if she was yours and then like she was someone else's. I think it would be really cool if you repeated the first verse at the end to tie it all together like the original.
I felt like a monster reincarnation of Horatio Alger......a man on the move and just sick enough to be totally confident.

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