I need advice with playing licks like this fast. To me it's just impossible to get my fingers that fast. Thank already


Try doing it with minimal movement, slow it down, and make sure your fingers stay very close to the fretboard.
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Seriously. It just takes time. Start off slow and work your way up. One day you'll just have it. Same with any other technique.
But the tempo in this like sweep picking tempo. And maybe I don't use the right fingers
I lold at the title. Fast hammering sounds like something you do to your old lady.

Definatly just practice. I had trouble with the santaria solo where you have to do a chromatic hammeron of all 4 fingers on like 3 strings. I would keep loosing my timing and being sloppy. After i played slowly many times i could do it.

Theres no such thing as sweep picking tempo btw.
ok d tab is santaria of sublime its very easy to hammering u dont need 2 sweeping it...................