yea so i was just sitting here looking around in the pit forum when some box popped on my computer

i realized i was leaning on the shift key

heres the problem

when i click on a link it make a whole new internet window
so i basically have twenty windows

and it wont let me use periods or numbers

this is what i get when i make a period >

yea so can anybody help me out here?
Fix your shift key?
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maybe stickykeys.. it happens when you press shift 5 times in a row
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Hold shift again. And if that doesn't work, keep pressing shift repeatedly.

And if all else fails,

Start > Turn Off Computer > Restart
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Restarting your computer should shut this off.
Or try holding down the shift key again
Ha i turned it off and now it works. Thanks for the help. I was just scared i wouldnt be abblt to log on to my computer with the broken shift a number keys...