I already know that the JC-120 is about as clean as a good clean amp can get

but i want to know what is the best clean amp HEAD that i can get, unless if they make a head version of the jc-120 of which i dont know about.

My style of playing on clean is melodic, kinda jazzy, and funky here and there.

yeah, melodijazzfunk.

any suggestions, good people of ug?

EDIT: I plan to use the head for an array of pedals. I just need the best pure clean amp possible to play with a pedalboard in front of. that, and melodijazzfunk too.
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try a super old vox?
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Fender Super Sonic? An old Bandmaster?
There is a JC-120 head but it is very rare. Someone made a thread on here the other day about it.

How much power do you need? In theory, higher wattage amps will give you more clean headroom before they break up (unless they are metal amps I suppose).