So this UX1 of **** pops like crazy whenever I turned the buffer low enough to be able to record bass over a guitar part already recorded. I obviously need it to be in real time, otherwise the bass is out of sync. Yes, I can shift the audio to the correct place obviously, but I want to fix this. For the record, I have Vista with 2 gigs ram and 2.0ghz core duo processors.
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Puzzling, since the specs of your computer should be able to handle it. Are you running any other programs at the same time ? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?
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Turn off windows update when recording.
Also try some other program sand reinstall the drivers being sure to disable the stock drivers before putting the new ones on.
After reinstalling the drivers, plug into a new USB slot on the back of the computer.

It very well may just be the drivers for vista.
I had the UX1 back at the beginning of the year and it was crashing 5+ times a day on vista...