Is it possible to buy an unfinished strat body and then turn into a hollow-body, or is it 2 complicated? i hav a competent woodworking uncle who would do it 4 free if it is possible. And are there any drawings or detailed pics that show what to route out. thanx in advance.
I don't think it's worth the hassle. Just buy a thinline body.
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It would surely take too much effort. The shape of the body makes it difficult to route and you may not get enough routed out for it to sound like a half-decent hollowbody, even if you routed out to every edge as close as you could. There is maybe one option of 'cheating' and that would be to just route out a couple of f-holes, so it looks like a hollowbody. In my opinion, not worth doing. It could turn out to be a nightmare. Maybe worth trying out on a worthless strat copy body if you're keen?!
You would have to make the top completely flat, then route out as much as possible and then glue on a wood cap to cover up the routes and mount everything on to look pretty.

Not exactly worth it.

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You COULD saw it in half, then take wood out from either part, and glue it back together could you not?
You arent going to be able to take a ready made strat body and "convert" it to a hollow body. The warmoth bodies are routed then a top is glued on. If you want to buy some wood and make a hollow body different story.