^ as the title says, cv = job application
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yeah i do, worry about whats true and not after you get the job
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Exagerate yes, plain lie no


If you flat out lie, as soon as you get to an interview, if you're asked about these things, you're pretty screwed unless you really read up about everything you've lied about. like if you'd said you play golf, one of the interviewers could be a huge golf enthusiast and be asking you about clubs and handicaps and things....

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Exagerate yes, plain lie no

yeh i agree
its also stupid cause you'll lose the job if they find out
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if you lie you'll end up with a job which is a bit to hard or simply not right for you and that just ends up in ****... but of course you'll have to make them realize that you're the best and they have to give you the job =)
No, as if what you lie about is required and you need to do it, you will be fired for incompetance and found out for your lie
Short answer: No

Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

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In a recent polls about 80% lie in their CV or exagerate things.

I'm in those 80% ^^
How the hell is CV a job application?!?!? Wouldn't it be JA?
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I lied about various things most companies dont check your uni qualifications they only check your previous employment so just say you were in a management position or whatever before your last job when you had to downscale due to family commitments.
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CV = Curriculum Vitae, you are usually required to send that, with a cover letter when applying for a job.

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No, because you have to remember what you lied about and also likely need some sort of accomplice to make the lie workable. If the job is worth having tell the truth and live with the consequences. If you have something that you might want to hide that is moderately bad and it comes up in an interview be contrite, spill the beans, say how you have learned from the experience. Most employers will be impressed with you integrity and willingness to own up to past faults.

Edit; from what I have seen in the past few years most medium to small size employers do not even use job applications anymore, they simply tell people to give them a resume / CV and that serves of the application. I quess it is 50-50 for filling out an application and just giving a resume. This is even more the case as people send their resume via email.
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Don't lie. Just make yourself sound better. =]
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Sorry awful Anglish.
I think you americans refer to CVs as resumes.

And yeah exaggerate.

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I think you americans refer to CVs as resumes.

And yeah exaggerate.

Oh Ok. In that case, no, don't lie.
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The only advantage of home-schooling is that it gives you good reason to commit suicide.

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Funny this. Several days ago I actually had an 'interview', I didn't see any reason to lie about anything since im hoping this job will be very temporary and its one of the worst places anyone with half a brain can work. But apparently despite what the other employees look like i am far below the expectations.
I exaggerate on mine.

"Why should we hire you?"
"I'm hardworking, punctual, responsible, and believe I'd be a great addition to the *company name* team!"
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I suppose i do.

I tell them that im hard working and all that when im really a lazy shit.