hello friends!

we are from Portugal and play hard-rock & rock'n'roll.

if you like Shakira or Britney Spears, you'll probably hate us...
but if you like a hard beat, nice melody and an old and good rock'n'roll sound, F*CK YEAH, you will f*cking like us!!!


rock still rolls!!! \m/

cheers, US&THEM
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Good vocals, needs better guitar sound, and I didn't like the riff.
BTW I sent you an invite to a group you might be interested in joining.
hello again friends!

just wanted to say that we have 2 concerts scheduled.
drinks and tobacco for free all night!!! (just kidding...)

we're going to start recording our new stuff with better quality sound (yes, 'cause our recordings sucks! ) so, get happy!

visit our MySpace
you can now subscribe our mailing list and receive our latest news, photos and scheduled concerts.

cheers, US&THEM

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Hey just gave your myspace page a listen and I was very pleased you guys are pretty good.
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hello friend!!

maybe I like brittney spears and shakira, in which case I wont give you guys a chance

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The problem with these guys, they aren't beating a dead horse, they're sodomizing it, and then charging people to watch the video on the internet.
Sounded great, stuff I like to hear.

Vocals on that first song reminded me of Axl Rose a bit.
Dear Friends!

We're here to ask for your help.
We want you to vote for us, US&THEM, on the "EuroDemo music band contest".

All you have to do is:
- Login with you MySpace account
- add the contest MySpace page to your friends (www.myspace.com/santanderbandas)
- find our MySpace page on «U» in Portugal, or fallow the link http://lnk.ms/9LFJW
- vote for us!!!

You can vote everyday 1 time for any band.
There are 100 bands in Portugal, and will make it to the next phase the 50 bands with more votes.
We rely on your help

Stay cool,

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Family, friends, and animals!!!

It's with huge pleasure that we announce Pedro Teixeira as the new singer of US&THEM!
He is transmontane, drinks little, and is now part of this rocker family. Please welcome!

For now, the plan is to keep him in captivity until he can go out with us to open the stage halfway, as has occurred previously.
As for new work, we have new beats and shakes in the oven and we hope very soon to enter the studio to edit the 2nd EP.

More news to come. Watch out!
Ricardo, Frank, Marcelo, Vasco

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