i got a ibanez RG450 with a floydrose system in it i cant get it in tune its really annoying i tune the first three strings then the 4 and they are all out of tune. i did change my A string to a different string. is that the prob
When I bought my Ibanez JEM 77V it took me 1 hour to tune it... and now its almost always in tune. U need patience xD just keep tuning each string over and over again and it will get in tune.
did u change ur strings to a different gauge? or even ur A string? if u change the gauge u have to adjust the springs in the back
tune E - A - E - A - D - E - A - D - G - E - A - D - G - B - E - A - D - G - B - e over and over untill u get it if the bridge is up too high tighten the spring if its too low loosen then tune
This is how I tune my Floyd...

Low E - High E - B - A - G - D

That keeps the bridge level by tuning back and forth. I made the mistake the first time trying to do EADGBE and had a similar problem as you. I usually have to go through the strings like that 3 or 4 times. Then I lock the nut and then a couple of more times w/ the fine tuners. Make sure when you lock the nut that the clamps are straight (I do one of the end clamps and hold it straight with my fingers then I use another allen wrench inbetween the clamps to keep the others straight as I tighten). If they twist then you'll make one string go sharp and the other flat. Also make sure your retainer bar is sitting low enough so the string sit in the V at the top of the nut completely, that helps the string going to sharp when tightening the nut.

I've also done it this way which also works (I think this is in the UG thread)
Low E - A
Low E - A - D
Low E - A - D - G
Low E... well you get the pattern.
make sure they're all he same guage and dont lock them in until its stable and balanced

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I always tune high to low on mine, because the high E changes a lot less under bridge movement than the low B (yay 7). If I tuned the low B first, it'll be way off by the time I get to the high E, but if I do it my way the high E is only marginally out of tune. And if you get a feel for it, tune the first strings you tune slightly higher if you're tuning up, lower if you're tuning down. Gradually equal out.

So, if everything is low, tune your high E +20 cents.
Tune your B +15 cents.
G +10.
D + 5.
A + 5.
E, right on the dot. As you tuned everything up, hopefully the earlier strings would've slacked down to the right pitch.

However, whatever method you use, you will no doubt need to do it over and over again.

But it pays off. Floyd Rose Trems are awesome.