Very nice dude!
I was kind of waiting for a little more of a change up in the backing, but that's just my ADD. LOL Overall I loved the vibe of the backing and the attitude in the phrasing during the solo was spot on. I like it, has a good soundtrack feel to it....Creates a cool vibe.

Awesome, really funky, I realy enjoyed it, the solo was great, the only thing I'd say is that the bass is a TINY bit off at the start, or I was getting the wrong feel for it. Anyhows, I thoroughly enjoyed my listen, not what I usually listen to, but I still really liked it, you're a great musician

liked the song,
yeah i could use some variety here and there,
but right when i almost stopped the song,
you came in with a solo that I thoroughly enjoyed

very nice
The drums and the bass aren't really in the pocket so to speak, and the bass line gets old after a while because it feels like the song has room for a really big bass line. Your guitar playing isn't too bad though, I like your tone a lot and your phrasing is pretty good. Theres a rin in particular that I liked somewhere around the 2:05 mark. I think song has a lot of potential if you redo the drums and bass. They fit the song as it is, but it could be REALLY good if you made some changes.

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Thanks Ben. Yeah, like all of my jams it's really just an improv'd thing I made up and recorded one night for fun. Once they're done I usually just move on. Thanks for listening! I'll crit back asap.
I really like it, but I'd put the mic a little closer to your bass amp. Or something like that, I'm no expert when it comes to recording, but the bass doesn't sound like it was recorded right. And like everyone else said, the bass line needs a little more variety.

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Yeah, I had the mic a few feet from my amp but actually liked the sound it gave the tune so I kept it. It seems to really give off the sound of the room. Of all of the tunes I have up there this is really the only one with a straight forward bass line, because its only 4 min I didn't really feel it was all that repetitive personally but I guess compared to some types of music it is. That being said I've been known to be hyptonized by improv'd Phish jams that can last up to 35 minutes in one key so.... Feel free to check the others too! Thanks for the crit.